Athlete Profile: Dana Lynch

June 29, 2009 2:00 AM

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Dana Lynch

Height 5'2
Weight 130
Age 37
Date of Birth 09/04/71
Place of Birth Millwaukee, WI
Date Starting CrossFit 12/06

Lives in Jupiter, FL

Affiliate: CrossFit BGI South

Fran: 4:24
Cindy: 19
Linda: never attempted
Helen: 9:40
Diane: 22:06 (head-to-floor)
Grace: 6:55
Fight Gone Bad: 312
Filthy Fifty: 30:46

Deadlift: 245
Press: 87
Back Squat: 215
Snatch: 80
Clean and jerk: 115 in a WOD; never maxed.
Max Pull-ups: 36

Favorite WOD: toss up between Mr. Joshua and Christine
Favorite Lift: Deadlift
Least Favorite WOD: toss up between Chelsea and Karen
Least Favorite Lift: wallball shots are the devil

Dirty South Regional Qualifier Finish: 8th (alternate, took Adrianna Grassi-Mosley's spot)

8 comments on this entry.

June 29, 2009 7:19 AM


Can't wait to see you in Aromas!!

2. Jake wrote...

June 29, 2009 9:06 AM

Another Wisconsin transplant.....

Well done!

3. Adriana Grassi-Mosley wrote...

June 29, 2009 10:07 AM

I can even describe how sad I am for not being able to compete, unfortunally after the qualifiers I had an MRI done & they told me I have 2 hernieted disk and that I need surgery.
I will be there to support my team from Crossfithardcore and A least I am so happy that my replasment will be Dana, girl I know you will kick some serious ass!
Good luck and I will see you in Cali!

June 29, 2009 1:49 PM

Not how I wanted to get there, especially by taking a friends spot. I admire Adriana (1. Because she is older than me; and 2. Because she can kick my ass!) and wish we were all doing this together. But I'm bringing her back the shirt and hopefully making the under 35 girls (that means you too Ms. Shana) work as hard as she would!

Jake: Didn't want to wait until I was 65 to get out of the cold!

See ya in Cali!!!!

5. Jake wrote...

June 29, 2009 2:43 PM

The folks in Wisconsin will be rooting for you!

Good Luck, we wish you the best!

6. Randi wrote...

June 30, 2009 6:51 AM

Good luck Dana!!! I know you'll do a great job no matter where you place. You a superb athlete and one to be wrenken with, go out there and kick some A$$!! Show them all how we roll in "dirty south"!!!

7. Jelli wrote...

July 1, 2009 9:20 AM

Dana you are going to do awesome!! So glad you are going!! Now lets get this over with so we can PARTY!!!!!

8. Dan Martin wrote...

July 1, 2009 5:05 PM

First of all, congratulations! Second, thanks for taking time to come help out and judge at our challenge this past Saturday. I myself am a Milwakuee to Miami transplant, so go South Florida/Wisconsin!