Athlete Profile: Graham Spagnola

June 2, 2009 11:15 PM

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Graham Spagnola

Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 220

Date of Birth: 9-12-1981
Place of Birth:
Started CrossFit: October 2007

Place of Residence: Troy, OH

Affiliate: CrossFit Troy

Fran: 2:33
Cindy: 23
Helen: 9:08
Grace: 1:48
Fight Gone Bad: 411
Filthy Fifty:

Deadlift: 505
Press: 195
Back Squat: 485
Snatch: 225
Clean and Jerk: 300
Max Pull-ups: 43

Favorite WOD: Josh
Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk
Least Favorite WOD: Cindy
Least Favorite Lift: Snatch

2009 Midwest Regional Qualifier Finish: 1st

1 comment on this entry.

1. Adam Rogers wrote...

June 3, 2009 6:45 AM

Congratulations Graham, absolutely killed it!

You and Brandon are going to be great representatives of the Midwest region. Crossfit Troy clearly has a great formula for producing amazing athletes.

Best of luck man, hope to see you before you take off for Aromas.