Athlete Profile: Jennifer Olson

May 29, 2009 5:00 AM

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Jennifer Olson

Age: 38
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 131

Date of Birth: 2/9/71
Place of Birth: Seattle, WA
Started CrossFit: Feb, 2007

Lives in Bellevue, WA

Fran w/ 67#: 3:53;
Fran rx'd: 7:49
Cindy: 20
Linda: Haven't done as rx'd
Helen w/ 1 pood KBSs: 8:53
Diane: Haven't done as rx'd
Grace w/ 94#: 4:23
Fight Gone Bad: Haven't done as rx'd
Filthy Fifty (12# WB): 25:44

Deadlift: 319
Press: 100
Back Squat: 241
Snatch: 102
Clean and Jerk: 153
Max Pull-ups: 41

Favorite WOD: Nasty Girls
Favorite Lift: Power Cleans
Least Favorite WOD: any virtual shoveling wods
Least Favorite Lift: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

2009 Northwest Regional Qualifier Finish: 2nd

6 comments on this entry.

1. The Vales wrote...

May 29, 2009 8:17 AM

Yay for Jenny O! You go girl!
What an amazing athlete, mommy, wifey, auntie, sister, and friend you are. Go get 'em in Aromas!

2. Steve Alseth wrote...

May 29, 2009 8:26 AM

Great job JENNY O!!!!! I echo The Vales comments and look forward to seeing you top the charts in Aromas!

I've had the privilege of knowing Jenny for quite awhile and not only is she a dedicated amazing crossfitter she is an amazing person with a heart of gold and a pure soul. She's raising a tremendous family and is an inspiration to many.

Keep it UP!

3. Juli Peterson wrote...

May 29, 2009 8:22 PM

Way to go Jen, I remember at our Barbell Cert last summer how amazing you were! Congrats and good luck at the games!!!!

4. Jordan Holland wrote...

May 30, 2009 1:18 PM

Great job Jenny O. You better make it down to Aromas this summer. You earned it.

5. Kevin Sylvester wrote...

June 1, 2009 8:03 PM

Athletic prowess runs in the family! I'm sure lil bro learned it all from you. Good luck in Cali!!

6. Jenny wrote...

June 1, 2009 9:38 PM

Kevin~ you are too kind. Jeff 'cleans my clock' when it comes to knowledge of movements as well as performance. You can tell him I said so. :)

Juli~ thanks for the nice comment. You were one of my favorite people to meet at our barbell cert. :)

Jordan~ I'm going to Aromas. Woo-hoo! See you there.

Steve~ You are WAY too nice. Thanks so much!! Keep us updated on how Misty is doing in CF!

Jeff & Tooty (aka The Vales)~ You guys are THE BEST. HANDS DOWN.