Athlete Profile: Peter Egyed

June 4, 2009 10:29 PM

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Peter Egyed

Age: 22
Height 5'11"
Weight 197

Date of Birth June 7th 1986
Place of Birth Phoenix, AZ
Date Starting CrossFit Jan 2007

Lives in Goodyear, AZ

Affiliate: CrossFit Fury

Fran 3:24
Cindy 25.3
Linda 17:24
Helen 7:35
Diane 8:34
Grace 2:02
Fight Gone Bad 386
Filthy Fifty 20:30

Deadlift 525
Press 195
Back Squat 390
Snatch 185
Clean and jerk 240
Max Pull-ups 48

Favorite WOD JT
Favorite Lift HSPU
Least Favorite WOD
Least Favorite Lift

2007 Games Finish 10th
2008 Games Finish 21st

Regional Qualifier Great Basin
Placing in Regional Qualifier 11th

2009 Last Chance Online Finish: 1st

Qualifier Videos:
Deadlift/Doubleunder (2:54)
Jackie (6:03)

6 comments on this entry.

1. Miranda 801 wrote...

June 4, 2009 11:01 PM

Peter! Strong work! You deserve it. You are amazing! Great Basin Region represents!!

2. Conrad P wrote...

June 6, 2009 9:29 PM

Congrats Pete, I watched you in Flag months ago. Strong work in both qualifiers.

3. Damon wrote...

June 9, 2009 1:58 AM

Peter, great luck in Aromas! I was psyched to see you not only made it but took first in the LCQ.

4. Dave Wagner wrote...

July 5, 2009 7:28 PM

Nice job Peter! You are a BMF, I can't think of anyone that deserves it more. We'll be rooting for you in Aromas!

5. Jenn wrote...

July 18, 2009 2:31 PM

Congrats Pete! I am so proud of you, and can't wait to see what you do next!! Always cheering for you - your big sis...

6. :) wrote...

October 27, 2009 9:54 PM

You look awesome Pete! You look like you are doing great , I'm so happy for you ...I was a little worried about you after highschool ;). Glad to see you are doing awesome! xoxo