Caity Matter Deadlift

November 2, 2009 8:00 PM

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Games09_CMatterDeadlift.jpgCaity Matter returned to Aromas as the defending champion. She had been throwing around some amazing performances. She was also helping to run Rogue Fitness and planning a wedding.

A competitor by nature and years of practice, bolstered by D1 college and professional basketball careers, she was excited to compete this year. Yet, she knew that the field would be much stronger. "I want to win," she says plain and simple, "that's my motivation."

The competition was indeed tougher. She pulled an impressive 305 pounds in the deadlift event, but that was only good enough for 15th with this crowd. Cyndi Frieling won the event as the only woman capable of lifting all 20 bars (375lbs). This was not Caity's year, though. Dehydration and severe cramping caused her to withdraw after three events.

Caity Matter Deadlift Interview... [wmv] [mov]