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Jolie Gentry won the inaugural 2007 CrossFit Games. She was one of the top seeds going into 2008, and ended up finishing 5th overall.

She is pictured here in a workout from November 3rd, 2007. She and Freddy Camacho from CrossFit One World dominated over Craig Howard and Jeremy Jones of Diablo CrossFit. You can see that video here ... [wmv] [mov]

Shortly before the 08 Games, Sevan and Carey caught up with Jolie on duty as a Newark, CA police officer. She talks about defending her title, and the unfortunate timing of the Games. Every Newark officer works July 4th until late into the night. The Games were the morning of the 5th. Then she responds to a call and we get a glimpse of the action.

Visiting the 2007 Champion Part 3 ... [wmv] [mov]

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1. Murray Birch wrote...

February 10, 2009 7:12 AM

Just like an episode of "Cops" except I couldn't hear any keys jingling or huffing and puffing.

2. Sakura wrote...

February 10, 2009 11:02 PM

It was like watching an episode of COPS. Just wish we could have seen her tase the suspect. ;)

Awesome seeing Jolie at work. Can't wait to see you at the Games, girl!

3. SoreLoser wrote...

February 11, 2009 11:32 AM

Ok, here we go again: Jeremy and I still protest the scoring for the Diablo Shame workout! Freddy's cop buddies were in charge of counting all the reps for both teams. We were shouting our reps out loud and we strongly believe we did 20% more reps than required due to faulty counting. And by the way Tony, don't you have any other damn videos of Jolie to show? Waaah, waaah...whaah, waaah, waaah!

That said, it was quite humbling to watch Jolie literally run up the rope past me several times as I struggled to pull my weak ass up. She is a frikkin' badass. And, I humbly admit, so is her partner in repetition counting crime, Freddy C.


February 11, 2009 1:10 PM

I still say the rope was too long, and Craig and I weigh too much. . .etc.