Canada East: Day 1 Results

May 3, 2009 2:30 AM

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The End of Day 1 Results are In!

Congratulations to all the competitors! The top 5 men are:
Anthony Bainbridge
Alex Possamai
Chad Furey
Mark Vandermeersch
Alexandre Bureau

The top 5 women are:
Jodi Bainbridge
Danielle Comolli
Alexandra Bergeron
Heather Richardson
Tracy Allen

Overall Day 1 Results

The events were:
Event #1
Deadlift 1RM
Event 1 Results

Event #2
5 Rounds of:
5 Clean & Jerk (135/95)
5 Muscleups
Max 10 minutes
Event 2 Results

Event #3
21-15-9 of:
Kettlebell Swings (1.5 pood for men and women)
Max 7 minutes
Event 3 Results

Sunday's only event will be:
Event 4 is a 5km Trail Run with very rough terrain. A lot of mud, streams, hills, and 3 mini events along the trail.

The first "mini event" is 3 tire flips. 500 pounds for men, 250 pounds for women. You have thirty seconds to complete your attempts and then you continue on the course. No penalties.

The second "mini event" is 3 keg clean & press. 100 pounds for men, 50 pounds for women. You have thirty seconds to complete your attempts and then you continue on the course. No penalties.

The third "mini event" is a sandbag carry - approx 100-150m. 60 pounds for men, 30 pounds for women. You carry the sandbag from Point A to Point B and then sprint to the finish.

29 comments on this entry.

1. Leo S wrote...

May 3, 2009 4:49 AM

Good job, Anthony & Jodi! Keep it up!

2. Gordana wrote...

May 3, 2009 5:09 AM

Way to go CF Misissauga...Danielle, Heather, Alex and Mark!!
Keep strong and Good Luck to all!

3. Gordana wrote...

May 3, 2009 5:12 AM

Way to go CF Mississauga...Danielle, Heather, Alex and Mark!!
Keep strong, keep pushing and Good Luck to all!

4. Thomas Green wrote...

May 3, 2009 8:26 AM

Haha love that last event.

5. John Cintron wrote...

May 3, 2009 9:02 AM

Go Anthony and Jodi I hope someone is taping footage of them in action.


May 3, 2009 9:52 AM

Louise - Nic pic, you're a powerhouse! It was awesome to meet you!!!

7. Glenn Butt wrote...

May 3, 2009 11:26 AM

Crossfit HQ, you have a black-eye.

Mistakes were made at this event - Event selection, scoring revisions, and obvious and blatant conflicts of interest.

Canadian crossfitters are very disappointed and frustrated with the operation of this qualifier. Competitors will leave this event discouraged and disillusioned. The Bainbridges are great athletes, they don't deserve the doubt and cynicism that they will carry to the Games as a result of this competition.

I love training Crossfit and I love the type of people who train Crossfit. I admire the integrity of the program and the values you advocate.

Mistakes were made at this event and the criticism/debate has been suppressed. Over 150 comments on the event site ( have been removed. I know censorship is not a value you embrace.

We can only hope you will address this situation in a professional and transparent manner and takes steps to ensure it does not happen in the future.

Glenn Butt
Mississauga, ON

8. Greg Keoc wrote...

May 3, 2009 11:52 AM

Who did the event selection? 1RM deads seems pretty odd considering who runs that affiliate.

9. Glenn Butt wrote...

May 3, 2009 12:45 PM

Events were/are selected by the Host(s) and ok'd by HQ.

Like I said, mistakes were made. How this event was permitted, given the circumstances, is really not defensible. It looks like Coach Glassman or the Crossfit Board have some "educating" to do on the delegation of the organizing for these events.

Event 2 for the Ladies was another example. Nobody finished the workout, as prescribed, it in the time limit. So zeros across the board, right? Nope. The scoring system was changed AFTER THE FACT and overall placements were altered. The Hostess moved from 2nd to 1st place with a significant point advantage and differential.

It's very poor event governance.

This lady, Ms. Bainbridge, is a great athlete, she does not need this type of "inside baseball" or deserve this controversy.

Crossfit HQ dropped the ball on this. Growing pains in a still young event concept, I suppose. Hopefully they'll own up to the situation and deal with the matter in a mature and professional manner.

May 3, 2009 12:46 PM

Thanks for helping me Jodi. You are a great coach and I would not have been convinced to lift the proper weights without your advice.
Louise Crossfit Montreal

May 3, 2009 12:55 PM

Glenn, there was some controversy over our participation. Sour grapes makes for bad whine. I didn't have time to prune personal attacks from your crew so the entire thing got shut down. Don't worry, the comments still exist and HQ is aware of your feedback.

On a more positive note:

I want to thank EVERYONE who helped organize this event. The judges, volunteers, photographers, videographers ... all did amazing jobs. I can't count how many people came to us and said how much they LOVED the workout combinations and how slick the schedule ran.

And definitely thanks to the competitors who put on one hell of a show. A ton of great performances that were really fun to watch.

12. Ryan Kells wrote...

May 3, 2009 1:23 PM

Thank you Tony and Jodi for organizing a great event. You, and Crossfit HQ, should be proud of the event. There will always be hiccups but they were handled appropriately.

It is unfortunate that people feel compelled to talk trash and/or offer feedback on the internet instead of approaching event organizers personally and in a constructive manner. If people out there are upset at the way things are handled I would hope they would address the event organizers in person or on the phone in a private manner rather than open remarks. This is just good etiquette.

"Canadian crossfitters are very disappointed and frustrated with the operation of this qualifier." - Please don't presume to talk for all Canadian crossfitters. This is a generalization and isn't true. Some may be disappointed in the events and the standards but they were tough on everyone in differents ways. Big or small crossfitters, there were events/standards to challenge every competitor.

"Competitors will leave this event discouraged and disillusioned" - ....And some are leaving this event after having facing and overcoming challenges, making new friends, and learning what a real athletic competition is like. If you are disappointed then point the finger at yourself first before looking to "blame the ref". Don't complain, try harder.

In summary, there were great workouts, great volunteers, and many great participants and new friends.

Ryan Kells

13. Grace wrote...

May 3, 2009 1:35 PM

Glenn Butt, I looked at the results yesterday and saw this one coming. Obviously very biased in favor of the people who organized the event. Real shame.

14. Andrew Burns wrote...

May 3, 2009 1:40 PM

I couldn't agree more with the statement "don't complain try harder" Ryan. This is exactly why the original scores from the 2nd event need to be used when determining the representatives of Eastern Canada. Deciding post workout that it was too difficult and changing the scoring to AMRAP is unacceptable and does not constitute fair play and the spirit of competition. I hope that HQ makes the correct decision and corrects this mistake in judgement.

Andrew Burns

15. Aware replied to comment from Ryan Kells...

May 3, 2009 1:48 PM

"If people out there are upset at the way things are handled I would hope they would address the event organizers in person or on the phone in a private manner rather than open remarks."

Airing this publicly is what needs to happen. This is how Crossfit works - Open Source!

Having organizers involved in their own events, where no athlete is to have any foreknowledge of the events, is complete garbage!

May 3, 2009 2:03 PM

I completely agree! Use the rules that were originally in place.

17. Jason Bird wrote...

May 3, 2009 2:04 PM

Great event guys......the selection of movements in my opinion was very very good...strength, met con, skill, endurance, it really was a good measure of our definition of "fitness".

Implementation of these workouts, specifically workout #2, was where the problems took place, 10 minutes was simply not enough time for 25 clean and jerks and 25 muscle ups. To me this seemed very obvious from the moment I saw the workout and, in my opinion ,I think that the organizers and HQ should also have been able to figure this out with some simple math. I watched a video posted here last week of Pat Barber getting 68(?) reps of 185 lbs cleans and muscle ups in 20 minutes. We had 10 minutes to get 50...obviously a difficult task since only 12 completed it. However, I think that HQ made a good decision to change the scoring because it least it made it more then 12 men and 0 women getting points.

In my opinion the rest of the problems that people are complaning about are negligible and more a result of the frustration of an 84% DNF rate in workout # 2. The qualification process is very new to all of us and I expect some growing pains. That along with the fact that I imagine this is the first type of undertaking of this magnitude that Tony and Jodi have attempted. Putting an event like this on and making it run flawless is very difficult undertaking and I think in the future, experience in this type of thing should be the determining factor in who runs it and where it is held.

I also believe there must be considerable diffuculty in determining the top 3 in both mens and womens as there are so many changing variables that have come into play. So hopefully HQ can make this as fair as possible for all of us who competed.

Patiently waiting.......

18. IM wrote...

May 3, 2009 2:11 PM

It's been at least 7hrs since the final even finished this morning. Why the massive delay in getting todays results and overalls posted?
There is no excuse for this.
I would also like to see HQ step up and offer a written explanation as to why the complaints being registered by numerous competitors are moot in HQ's eyes. There are a great many people out there who, while pleased with personal results, are very frustrated with how the overall event was managed. HQ could take a lot of pressure off of Anthony and Jodi by stepping up and providing an explanation.

19. M. wrote...

May 3, 2009 2:26 PM

Over the past few days, there seems to be a lot of "eye brows" being raised on Canada's East choice of workouts. And i understand that HQ approved the workouts and approved Anthony and Jodi's participation in the qualifiers but it just doesn't seem right that 1RM deadlift would be chosen considering that they are both known for having great deadlifts. I understand that they work on deadlifts every 8 days for the last four years - which gives them a greater advantage in the event. If i follow the main site, how often does 1rm deadlift come up - maybe once a month? I really don't see my dead going to 525 without me focusing on heavy days.

#2 workout - obviously enough people commented on the female time limit and how the scoring was changed. But did anyone see on Anthony's log on that on april 13 2009, he did 30 muscle ups for time - took him 2:44 - just seems like all the works favoured them some how

and then i heard that the last workout was changed at the last minute - Qualifers from Canada East seems like a joke!

20. JV wrote...

May 3, 2009 2:37 PM

An excerpt from this very site - seems to have been lost in the ether...

"Coach Glassman, in an unexpected aside during a lecture on CrossFit exercise science, spoke briefly about what the 2009 Games will, or perhaps better said, will not look like. None of the competitors will have done any of the workouts. And perhaps more significantly, none of the athletes will have ever competed in several of the movements.

In other words, there can be no gaming of the event. It will be a true test of work capacity across broad time and modal domains, and the CrossFit world will have great interest in knowing who did what to prepare for it. "

Nuff said...

May 3, 2009 2:37 PM

What a great event! I'm am definitely not one of the Canadian Crossfitters that's disappointed (according to Glenn Butt). There was a balance of many of the components of fitness for the event selection. The event was kept on track (within a few minutes near the end) on both days. And the facility and location were appropriate (love that it was in a hockey rink).

The big stink is the fact that the scoring was changed for the 2nd event. I seem to remember quite a few people complaining on the Event website that not enough people finished the workout and they should count it as AMRAP. So they did. And now the others are complaining about the change. It really didn't matter what they decided, people were going to complain. I, for one, am glad they changed the results...a lot of athletes busted their balls in that event and deserve points for it.

I gotta say I had an awesome time during the last event. The trail was extremely challenging and so much fun. Didn't like the sandbag up the ski hill, but it was worth it at the end.

I met a LOT of great people at the event. For the most part, there was a lot of energy that got me through the events, so thanks to everyone that cheered. I even managed to PR on the deadlifts!

To all the organizers and volunteers, thanks for a great event! I had an amazing time!

22. Russell wrote...

May 3, 2009 2:40 PM

Myself and a few friends drove up from Saint John to see the qualifier, we all noticed inconsistencies from one judge to the next... I recommend some sort of certification for refs/judges, Crossfit is amazing and I'm glad we found it. To be considered a legitimate sport though I think all judges/refs must be held to the same standard as the athletes.

Ensure the ability and athleticism these participants show isn't overshadowed by less the adequate officiating.

23. Jess wrote...

May 3, 2009 2:43 PM

Sounds very discouraging. Also, a little concerned about the "say it face to face" comment which can be fairly construed as a threat. Let's keep it civil people. Hopefully HQ will step in and redo this event so that it is done right. There is still time to correct this.

May 3, 2009 3:31 PM

Ryan, My criticism was not of the Bainbridge's participation, nor "blaming the ref". The conflict of interest of hosting/selecting the events and participating was not handled professionally by HQ. So in your vernacular my criticism is of the "league" not the "ref"..

I have noted previously, the Bainbridge's are, by all accounts, are great athletes and they will represent our country well. Their past performance in this competition exemplifies this quite clearly. They are the lightning rod in this circumstance because of the unfortunate position they were put in by not having proper guidance or governance from HQ.

Again the conflict was not handled well by the sponsor (HQ) - it is what it is. Lets hope these avoidable situations do not arise in the future.

25. Ryan Kells replied to comment from Aware...

May 3, 2009 3:35 PM

Open source for sharing training tips is one thing and should be encouraged. Turning the message board into anonymous internet b*tch sessions is another and shouldn't happen. It will only foster misunderstandings and will add nothing good.

Either way, Tony and Jodi are qualifying via video tape.

May 3, 2009 3:57 PM

Glenn - Glad to see your reply shows that if there is any fault it does not lie with Tony and Jodi but with HQ. I think they are taking way too much heat for factors beyond their control.

Jess - The say it face to face is not meant to be threating at all. I wouldn't tolerate that either. Simply put, if people feel there is some wrong doing then they should approach the organizers and share their thoughts in a constructive manner. Instead, people are being nice while in person and then slaggin' them off when they are out of ear-shot or worse, on the internet. If someone is bothered enough to voice opinions on-line then I would hope they would supply constructive feedback through a better medium that "on-line complaining".

27. RJ wrote...

May 3, 2009 5:24 PM

I agree with Ryan Kells response to Aware. Using a message board to air complaints as an alternative to talking directly to Jodi or Tony is, for lack of a better word, cowardly. Hiding behind the open source nature of crossfit is a sad excuse for not being an adult in dealing with matters.

I`ve been following this drama, largely perpetrated by a few people and I`m thoroughly disgusted. There is room for discussing the unique nature of the situation without insinuating that Jodi and Tony were cheating. People don`t directly come out an say it, they waffle along the margins of it. Conflict of interest is meaningless unless by knowing the events they changed their training schedule relative to the events planned. There is no evidence of this. Moreover, deadlift 1RM combined with a 5km run is close to the ultimate range of the crossfit athlete. They picked their strongest and weakest events, and I think the athlete that prevails has earned it.

Even now that the air has been cleared with Jodi and Tony`s removal of themselves from the competition, I still see comments suggesting guilt and trying to score more points on them. By doing so you`re tainting the performances of the athletes you support and the character of the people you train with.

28. Mike N wrote...

May 3, 2009 6:12 PM

Would anyone disagree that anyone who is considered the "Fittest Woman in Eastern Canada" should atleast been able to attempt all 4 workouts as prescribed? 2 of the top three woman did a scaled version of the 2nd workout. In my opinion there should only be 1 athlete attending the 09' games.

29. jake replied to comment from Mike N...

May 3, 2009 7:39 PM

mike n

i disagree with your idea that the women who didn't complete each wod as rx'ed shouldn't be able to attend the games, but i do think that there should have been more of a penalty in the scoring than there was. a muscle up is a very hard, technical movement in CF, most men can't even do one. requiring the women to do multiple MUs may have not been the best choice of movement to find the best female crossfitters in the canada east region. the point system seemed to only drop the competitors overall score by a few points. regardless, the top women from this weekend will be heading to aromas and i'm sure they will represent canada well.

anthony and jody, it was very honorable for you two to withdraw yourselves from the competition with all of the controversy. best of luck to you in the last chance qualifier!