Kyle Carmichael: The P90X Thrasher

March 24, 2009 9:00 PM

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Kyle Carmichael (pictured in the green sweatshirt, bottom right) is a 14 year old from Lemoore, California. His father, James is an active Naval Officer and recently returned from Afghanistan where he learned about CrossFit from the Marine Corps.

When James returned from deployment last August Kyle was a die hard P90X guy. James agreed to do 90 days of P90X with him if he would check out CrossFit after.

As you'd guess, shortly after trying CrossFit, Kyle threw the P90X box in the closet. It hasn't come out since.

Since Thanksgiving Kyle has dialed in his diet and has recently put up some great times on workouts like Barbra (15:59) and Murph (36:18).

He is training hard to prepare for the NorCal Regional Qualifiers.