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NEQualFinalMen.jpgLaurel Madar writes in from Albany:

Less than a third of our athletes have been finishing our final workout; competitors hit the time limit with bloody palms and even judges are exhausted from encouraging them and enforcing the standards. Spectators cheer for every completed rep and competitors are proud to get into the 5th round.

During the 2k, competitors demonstrated willpower and stamina, but today we are seeing them under grueling pressure - mental and physical. They are already exhausted and this workout is demanding. It is narrowing and shifting the group of elite athletes, sometimes in surprising ways.

We've had to break out disinfectant wipes for the bars and pull-up stations. Beyond the torn skin, there have been no injuries.

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1. Samy Daghir wrote...

May 24, 2009 6:30 PM

The entire weekend was a blast, congratulations to everyone for bringing such an amazing community together up here in the Northeast. It was awesome to watch these events unfold from point blank range, but you are right my voice is completely gone right now so I'll be up late tonight studying sign language in order to run WODs in the morning.
Thank you to the whole community for welcoming the guys from our little Stable of doom, they had an awesome time and are already plotting the video submission thing to join you in California. Hope to see everyone sometime soon,