Northwest Qualifier Host's Narrative

May 24, 2009 10:48 AM

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2009NWQualifying.jpgDave Werner and Nancy Meenen from CrossFit Seattle, who hosted the Northwest Regional Qualifier, reflect on the day's events:

We have had a regional "championship" in Seattle for the last 5 years. This year however, the stakes were higher. For the first time in 2009 athletes could only get to the international Games by competing in the Regionals.

The 2008 CrossFit Games winner, Jason Khalipa, came from behind in the finals and won because he is strong. In planning the Northwest Regional Qualifiers, we felt that we needed to select for athletes with great strength. We also wanted athletes capable of putting out huge amounts of power.

We cut directly to the chase, selecting a one day format with a strength contest in the morning and a very heavy metcon in the afternoon. Deadlift and military press was the simple effective test of raw strength. The military press was complicated a bit by requiring the athletes to clean the weight to their shoulders before performing a strict press.

The afternoon heavy metcon consisted of muscle-ups, wallball and sumo deadlift high-pull. 5 rounds of 3 MU, 30 WB (20 lb) and 6 SDHP with 60kg. Women did 2 MU, 30 WB (12 lb) and 6 SDHP with 40kg.

The metcon was devastatingly effective. Only 7 women out of 40 entrants were even able to complete it as Rx'ed. 48 out of 88 of the men got through it. We saw tremendous effort from everyone, but it was easy to see which athletes were strong. The top 4 men and women are clearly a different class of athlete. Great strength, excellent technique and tremendous work capacity; they have it all.

We all worked very hard to pull off an event this size. CrossFitters volunteered from all over our region at their own expense. It took 90+ people to register, track, judge, score and direct all the athletes and spectators.

Now that it is all over we are amazed. Amazed at the generous support of a small army of super talented volunteers. Amazed at the determination and heart shown by the athletes. Amazed most of all by the crazy energy in this competition. The crowd of nearly 700 at the hangar was loud and we mean LOUD. All day. It was awesome to hear and feel the level of support for the competitors, especially the competitors who were struggling. What a huge privilege to be a part of this.

The qualifying men are:
Jason N. - Rainier CrossFit
Jordan Holland - Xplore CrossFit
Moe Kelsey
Jerome Perryman - CrossFit HEL

The qualifying women are:
Charity Vale - CrossFit Snohomish
Jenny Olson - CrossFit Redmond
Nicole Verbrugghe - Gravity Janes CrossFit
Jennifer Kellams - CrossFit HEL

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1. Will B. wrote...

May 24, 2009 11:24 AM

Wow, Khalipa won "because he was strong", huh? Last I checked, Josh Everet's a pretty strong dude as well, and Khalipa smoked him... and everyone else's time who was also "strong". And need I remind anyone, that Khalipa was in the top 10 after Saturday's 2 met-con workouts, AND hill run. This description sounds as if it's marginalizing Khalipa's accomplishment(s) from last year.
I know many, many "strong" dudes, and none of them even came close to Khalipa's performance a year ago.

2. PXT Cody wrote...

May 24, 2009 1:07 PM

The event went so smooth it was obvious that you and the team- Nancy, Kurtis, Laurie and others worked HARD to make it so EASY! It was a blast to be able to help out and I look forward to getting up there again. Great job!

I don't think the intent was to 'marginalize Khalipa's accomplishments(s)'. I think Dave was just pointing out that if you want to compete at these levels then you had better bring strength to the table- as Jason Khalipa did. The day's events represented a well rounded test of GPP.

3. Brian Ford wrote...

May 24, 2009 6:42 PM

Will B. are we a little sensitive?

4. Will B. wrote...

May 24, 2009 7:35 PM

Cody, I can see how the description meant the way you said. Your region will provide some stellar athletes as a result from the programming at your qualifiers. I simply wanted to address the possible angle I mentioned, as I've heard that statement before, and it wanted to add a few cents to those that may buy into that view.

Cody, I guess I did act a bit hasty with that comment. I just don't want anyone, even the winners of the 09 games, to have their athleticicm questioned or marginalized just because the person in question may disagree with the programming. I know I can't stop the debates, nor do I wish to. My bad for coming off aggressively. I hate to add to the negative, "hating", jealous environment that can sometimes dominate our message boards.

5. Chad replied to comment from Brian Ford...

May 25, 2009 5:39 AM

6. Leslie Ap wrote...

May 25, 2009 11:11 PM

It was awesome seeing these women crank out those muscle ups! Good luck in Aromas, ladies!