Rocky Mountain: Men's First Event

May 16, 2009 12:52 PM

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John Brown from CrossFit Agoge, with his flair for the dramatic, reporting again from the Rocky Mountain Regionals:

The results from the Men's first workout are in and the top spot is no big surprise. Ricky Frausto AKA "Omaha Ricky" absolutely destroyed the workout logging a 5:16. Patrick Burke out of MBS CrossFit was a close second, moving like a bat out of hell with a blistering 5:19! Kyle Kasperbauer and Alex Etzen (neither of whom were attached to an affiliate) were in third and fourth with 5:28, and 5:29 respectively and rounding out the top 5 was Sean Tallman, also out of MBS.

The official top 10 as of the end of the first heat:
1 Frausto, Ricky from CrossFit Omaha 5m 16s
2 Burke, Patrick from MBS CrossFit 5m 19s
3 Kasperbauer, Kyle 5m 28s
4 Etzen, Alex 5m 29s
5 Tallman, Sean from MBS CrossFit 5m 31s
6 Gubbels, Chris from Emergent Fitness 5m 33s
7 Lilenthal, Ryan from CrossFit Parker Fire 5m 34s
8 Chan, Matt from CrossFit Verve 5m 34s
9 Hathcock, Matthew 5m 35s
10 Ostrom, Chris from CrossFit Montana 5m 38s

The mens heats were intense and the 300# deadlift slowed down all but the stoutest of souls. That being said, it was those that fought the hardest that garnered the loudest cheers for their efforts, the crowd is definitely behind those lionhearted athletes who may lack the physical strength, but brought their absolute best with regards to mental toughness.

The workout was:
3 rounds for time of:
8 deadlifts, 300 lbs (195 lbs for women)
400 meter run