Rocky Mountain: Women's First Event

May 16, 2009 12:03 PM

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John Brown from CrossFit Agoge is our man on the scene. He writes of the women's first event:

Things have kicked off at the Rocky Mountain Regional Qualifier at Front Range CrossFit in Denver. The women's heats for the first event have just finished. There is definitely a lot of heart shown as some of these woman dig deep to lift some heavy weight. The top 10 after the first event play out like this:
1 Lefler, Angela from CrossFit Omaha 6m 18s
2 Olson, Kristen from Front Range CrossFit 6m 21s
3 Dever, Jasmine from Front Range CrossFit 6m 26s
4 Reinking, Kristine 6m 35s
5 Tormey, Megan from CrossFit Windy City 6m 37s
6 Tovar, Stacie from CrossFit Omaha 6m 39s
7 Gibson, Nicole from Garage4150 6m 40s
8 Guthmiller, Megan from CrossFit Omaha 6m 41s
9 Gobell, Cori from Front Range CrossFit 6m 46s
10 Colson, Krista from CrossFit Rockford 6m 46s

The big surprise so far is Libby DiBiase (pictured in front), a juggernaut at last year's CrossFit Games in Aromas. She was leading the third and fastest heat until the final run when the deadlifts and the rest of the pack caught up with her, leaving her in the 16th place.

The workout was:
3 rounds for time of:
8 deadlifts, 300 lbs (195 lbs for women)
400 meter run

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1. Lindsey wrote...

May 16, 2009 10:38 PM

Ang is that you? Your looking good!! Way to represent CFO!!