SEAL Fit: Games Sponsor

April 17, 2009 2:30 AM

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SEAL Fit (tm), a division of, is proud to sponsor the 2009 CrossFit Games. SEAL Fit, developed by former Navy SEAL Mark Divine, owner of and USCrossfit, is a unique training regimen based on the Navy SEAL Hell Week experience. Combining the principles of CrossFit, Navy SEAL endurance, mental toughness, the warrior arts and principles of servant leadership, self mastery and teambuilding, SEAL Fit is leading the way in training individuals how to thrive in chaos and endure any challenge.

SEAL Fit Camp is the Gold standard of mental toughness training. Originally designed for Navy SEAL candidates, this training is now available in a 5 day seminar format to individuals or businesses looking to push their physical and mental limits . Drawing from the Navy SEAL Hell Week experience, it brings individuals, teams,or business groups cutting edge Functional Fitness training, Mental Toughness skills, Leadership, Team effectiveness skills, Awareness and Offensive Tactics training. Classes are limited to 20 participants and are held at our beautiful Encinitas, California facility - which also provides access to stunning trails and beaches utilized in the experience. SEAL FIT training can jump in to your location with sufficient notice. Visit to learn more, or call us at (760) 230-6752 to reserve your space to meet yourself for the first time.