WOD 2 Results: New Leaders

July 11, 2009 11:54 AM

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After opening the competition with an endurance event, Games organizers chose a deadlift ladder for WOD 2.

Sixteen men managed to pull their way through a series of bars loaded from 315 to 505, with noteworthy competitors such as Josh Everett, Jeremy Thiel, and Jason Khalipa all ripping the final bar off the ground.

The flamboyant Thiel screamed "Lightweight!" a la Ronnie Coleman after his final lift, and Jordan Holland actually laughed at the top of his pull.

"I was pretty happy. It felt good," said Holland, who felt after two events that the strength-focused Northwest Qualifier was a great prep for the Games.

Jerome Perryman boasts a max deadlift of 606 and blitzed through the bars.

"It was pretty easy, yeah," he said. "I wish they would have gone up a little higher to separate us more."

He continued: "After the run, I was a little bit concerned. I consider myself a pretty good runner, but everybody's good here, so I didn't know where that would put me... After the run my legs felt good. I stretched out, I ate and I was ready for the deadlift."

Sarah Dunsmore, first after WOD 1, PR'd but isn't sure if she lifted enough.

"It was OK," she said. "I hadn't deadlifted that before: 275. That was a 20 lb. PR. I feel like I could have potentially lifted that next one, but I've had back surgery before and I'd rather save my back than lift one more. There are more events. I kind of made a decision as it was coming up to drop it, and I can't tell yet how good or bad of a decision that was."

Cyndi Frieling was the top female. Her 66 lb. Her PR of 375 was ten pounds better than her previous best lift.

Twenty-one females broke the 300 lb. mark. Kristy Phillips, at 129 lb., pulled an impressive 295 lb.

The overall standings see J.C. Nessa in first, Peter Egyed in second and Thiel in third. Everett is eighth. Early leader Chris Spealler dropped to 37th after the strength event.

On the women's side, Tanya Wagner is in first, Charity Vale is in second, and Kristan Clever is in third. Sarah Dunsmore slipped to ninth after winning the first WOD.

On the international front, Icelander Annie Thorisdottir sits fourth, and Canadian Lauren Pryor is seventh.

For the international men, Mikko Salo is fourth and James (OPT) FitzGerald is 11th.

WOD 3 will be underway in moments.

Men's Overall Results (After 2 Events)
Women's Overall Results (After 2 Events)

57 comments on this entry.

1. Beth wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:01 PM

Way to go Jeremy!!

2. Grant Scalf wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:01 PM

Come on Spealler!

3. Jami wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:05 PM

Mikko was one lift away from an incredible 3 pt score for lead. So close.. (but I know close doesn't count).

4. Dominic wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:06 PM

5. Jeff Chester wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:07 PM

Way to go OPT and Lauren. Representing Canada and doing us proud!

6. Kat wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:11 PM

WOW! Never expected these standings after the two workouts... both female favorites Caity and Gillian are near the bottom.
Sad to hear fellow Canadian Joy Nguyen got injured on the run. It was a pleasure to meet and compete with you at the qualifier. Everyone that was there knows what you are capable of,
And another big congrats to Katy Josephs! You are the girl I am rooting for at these games after we tied at the qualifier. WHOOP!

Keep going strong Can West Big Dawgs... James, Mike, DJ, and Andrew!!

July 11, 2009 12:15 PM

Sorry to see Dutch Go...

Dutch, you've been on the road teaching us how to be better coaches and programmers, and you're a leader among men, and a trainer of trainers...

8. Mike Cappi wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:18 PM


9. Diane wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:19 PM

Twenty-one females broke the 300 lb. mark. Kristy Phillips, at 129 lb., pulled an impressive 295 lb.

Name is spelt Christy - she is a competitor to watch!!!

10. Robert wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:37 PM

I'm proud of Annie the Icelander in fourth place. She's only 19 years old and 148lbs but already a beast!

We've also got one male, Sveinbjorn who's in 20th place. I'm sure he'll go higher after the next two events.

11. Ricardo wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:38 PM

Come Jerome!!! Put the pedal to the metal right now!!!!! 13th place isn't bad for someone who nobody is talking about! Time to sneak up!

12. Robert wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:39 PM

I'm proud of Annie the Icelander in fourth place. She's only 19 years old and 148lbs but already a beast!

We've also got one male, Sveinbjorn who's in 20th place. I'm sure he'll go higher after the next two events.

13. Nick at OTG wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:40 PM

Where's Bionic - Omar Torres?!?!
He's not on the list...

14. George wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:41 PM

I counted 16 men who lifted 505#. That is impressive as hell

15. SoCalArsen wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:42 PM

what happened to bionic???

16. Tahnee wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:43 PM

Way to go DeeJay Wickham representing Alberta, Canada!!!! cheering for you from the computer screen here in Red Deer!!!!

17. KO wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:43 PM

Potomac Crossfit on twitter showing great pics every minute and Crossfit 305 putting out nice compiled Twitter coverage.

18. Shane S wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:47 PM

Kallista Pappas is incorrect listed as "Pappas, Bill."

19. SD wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:48 PM

Agreed! Potomac Crossfit on twitter is crushing the HQ staff with by the minute pictures and stats.

20. George wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:51 PM

Hats off to J.C Nessa and Peter Egyed. Flying under the radar and leading.

21. Mike Shilton wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:51 PM

Nice work guys! Your an inspiration!

22. Kenneth replied to comment from George...

July 11, 2009 12:52 PM

I don't know if they were expecting that. They could have had 5 more bars to differentiate the real hulks.

Does anybody have a spreadsheet and can calculate how different the standings would be if 505# got 8.5 pts ((1+16)/2) and 495# got 18.5 pts ((17+20)/2)?

That hill run looks brutal, but if you failed on 505# and it cost you 16 pts, you'd have to get your psychology back in a hurry.

23. Eida wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:53 PM

Keep it up Tanya. You got this!

24. Wayne wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:54 PM

25. Beth wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:54 PM

Go Crystal McReynolds!! 2nd in heat! Great showing CFC!

26. Gary M wrote...

July 11, 2009 12:54 PM

Great job Cyndi!! Incredible pull of 375!!

27. Diane replied to comment from SD...

July 11, 2009 12:56 PM

Definitely - National should study their technology and duplicate it for future events!

28. Diane replied to comment from SD...

July 11, 2009 12:57 PM

Definitely - National should study their technology and duplicate it for future events!

29. Beth replied to comment from KO...

July 11, 2009 12:57 PM

Yes, thanks Potomac CrossFit and CrossFit 305 for covering everyone!

30. Kenneth replied to comment from Wayne...

July 11, 2009 12:58 PM

That quicksnap is cool. Can you make one for the women too?


It looks like he's got more than two bags or they're really loosely packed...

31. Clemencia wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:06 PM

Nelson Barriga, estas entre los grandes.
Pon toda tu fe para que brille sudamerica.

32. Beth wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:07 PM

33. HQ - so lame wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:11 PM

I think I saw that HQ had dumped $90,000 into the ranch getting it ready for the Games - and yet updates and pics are being provided to the world not by HQ but by a guy with a camera phone sitting at the top of the hill.

Very disappointing considering CF would not exist to the extent that it does without the web.

34. Wade wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:13 PM

This is so amazing! Very inspirational!

QUESTION: Maybe I am missing it or can't see it, but does the CrossFit Games website have an RSS Feed updater. That would be a HUGE help!

Good luck to all the competitors!

35. Wayne replied to comment from Kenneth...

July 11, 2009 1:13 PM

Retyping the numbers is annoying, particularly the times, but I'd like to. I'm trying to see how the stats would differ if the results were based on the numbers proportionate to the top and bottom. I'll try a stab at the different methodology for ties when I get time.

CFHQ -- if you could post the results as a CSV file as well, that'd be sweet!

36. Jeff wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:22 PM

Follow Potomac CrossFit's twitter for the best updated results...they're amazing! 305 CrossFit is doing a great job too on Twitter. My first time ever using that thing, very thankful for it now and not nearly as annoyed with hearing people talk about Twitter.
In a related story, CrossFit HQ just posted that OPT wins the 2007 CrossFit Games. jk. Nothing but love, HQ, nothing but love!

37. Davis wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:23 PM

Wow kinda annoyed that there is not more multimedia updates for the event. Hopefully it will be a lesson learned for next year. But kudos to the guy with the phone camera.

July 11, 2009 1:24 PM

where is Dutch going, did he not make the cut?

39. HQ - NOT lame wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:25 PM

Wow - this just proves that you can't please everyone! It seems to me that HQ has been a little busy planning and running such an amazing event - which has grown bigger and bigger each year! I think they are doing an amazing job and will probably do even better next year. In this era of instant gratification people have gotten spoiled...thank goodness there's a guy sitting at the top of the hill with a camera phone since we can't all be there in person. You should be appreciative rather than griping! I'm sick of all of the complaining...I'm new to CF - what a bunch of whiners! I'm sure HQ is doing their best and we'll all see improvement year over year!

40. Destini G wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:26 PM

Awesome Job Cyndi!!!

41. Nessfam wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:27 PM

Awesome effort JC!!! Have fun - we're all behind you!

P Did & J Bone

42. Nick at OTG wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:28 PM

Well Done Potomac!! - can't get enuf of your updates, pics and stats, you guys are amazing!
Keep it up!!

43. kam wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:33 PM

props to potomac.. best twitter out!

44. Paul Szoldra wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:38 PM


CFHQ twitter updates are the OFFICIAL CFHQ updates. Anyone here at the CF Games can be on the hill with a cellphone camera updating through twitter, and that's awesome. The more information that gets out to everyone, the better.

What the http://www.twitter.com/roadtothegames/ is publishing is the most accurate information and photographs from the CFHQ staff photographers. We are getting you the latest information, scoring, and best photographs when they become available.

Please continue to follow #crossfitgames hashtag for numerous sources of information on the Games.

Thank you.

45. AMEN! replied to comment from HQ - NOT lame...

July 11, 2009 1:42 PM

46. Juliana wrote...

July 11, 2009 1:43 PM

Way to go Annie and Sveinbjorn!!! I'm cheering for you guys :) Show everyone that Icelanders have a viking warrior within!!

47. James replied to comment from HQ - NOT lame...

July 11, 2009 1:45 PM

I agree with you if people want to complain then next year get off your ass get on a plane and go to the games

And go hard Steve Willis

48. Dominic wrote...

July 11, 2009 2:03 PM

Say a prayer for these IT guys because I don't think they anticipated the demand for information. The site keeps failing and the radio links are failing. Next year I am sure there will be some tv coverage which will lessen the requests for information via the internet.

I am compiling info in a twitter feed and potomac is filling in holes.


49. Wayne wrote...

July 11, 2009 2:08 PM

50. Dave wrote...

July 11, 2009 2:15 PM

Mikko in the lead after 3 events--followed by JC Nessa, Theil, Pat Burke, and DJ Wickham

51. Tom wrote...

July 11, 2009 2:21 PM

Andrew, you're awesome!! Mom and I are so proud of you! Everyone at Crossfit Pickering is pulling for you.


52. kirstine jancys wrote...

July 11, 2009 2:22 PM

Way to go Taz....you are making us Kiwis extremely proud. Keep it going. Kx

53. Tlemas wrote...

July 11, 2009 2:55 PM

Way to go Jordan! Great Job!

54. Duke Nukem wrote...

July 11, 2009 3:04 PM

I think the complaints have merit. The events might be well run, but it's a FACT that the reporting has left a lot to be desired, and could have easily been much better and more creative with even minimal planning and effort. If a criticism is valid, why cry about the criticizer instead of saying "Yeah, we could have done that, but we didn't because 'insert reason'"

Why not:
1) Have a webcam hooked up to a laptop and streaming video of the event to a server which streams it to everyone else?

2) Radio webcast (looks like it's up...finally.)

These two things would negate the need for endless twitter updates and blog updates. And it would take very minimal effort to get video up and running, with the only real obstacle being bandwidth planning for everyone streaming it live.

55. Lincoln wrote...

July 11, 2009 3:44 PM

For what it's worth:

I think it's interesting to note that Jerome Perryman - in 12th place at this point - would not be at the Games if he hadn't made his final deadlift at the NW Qualifiers. That lift squeaked by on a 2-to-1 judges decision. The person who would have qualified ahead of Jerome (in a tie-breaker) was Jeff Vale, husband of Charity Vale, who is currently in 2nd among the women.

Even though Jeff and Jerome are two very different athletes, I think that's an indication of how tight the athlete placings really are.

56. Nick wrote...

July 11, 2009 4:34 PM

WAY TO GO 'Deanie!! They might be talking about Kristy Phillips at 129lb pulling an impressive 295lb... but WE are talking about Nadine Burns at 125lb also pulling a PR of 275lbs. AWESOME Deanie... serve it right up to 'em!!

Strength and encouragement from the CrossFit IGNITE Sydney crew!! xox

57. B2 wrote...

July 11, 2009 5:37 PM

Fingers crossed for Commando Steve to steal it at the last minute.